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American football is known for its quality college football. The level of competition and intensity is far beyond the expectation. To make the game competitive, students from Canadian Universities or military academies also invited to compete at the university level competition.
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Sports By All is the right place to give every detail of the sports culture of the United States of America. American college level competition is so qualitative. The performance at this level will boost the chances of the individual to be selected for the professional team.

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At every level of university competition, there is same way of competition for the girls. Football, tennis, basketball are some of the level up games where girls make this competition interesting. In other words, Sports By All is the area where one can get the right information about each category of sports.
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Sports By All make all arrangement to provide real time stats for every sports related to North America.

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Sports By All is a sports based website. So we are here to provide 360 degree information on every sports.

College football

College Football

This is one of the section which is very popular among the youth of the United States and Canada. Get all the latest update on football.

History of Football

In America, Football was evolved in the college campuses. Every school has their own style of playing this great sport. The history of this football was belongs to the early 19th century.

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football full match
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